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ATD Maryland Diamond Fellowship


The ATD Maryland Diamond Fellowship was created to honor and award support devoted ATD Maryland chapter members for their active support as a member.  The awarded member may utilize the fellowship for educational and professional development goals that align with ATD and the ATD Maryland mission, values, and competency model.  The ATD Maryland Diamond Fellowship creates value and promotes the active participation, strengthening the ATD Maryland Chapter by growing our networking consortium, allowing members to take ownership of their chapter by incorporating their interests, and forming an anchored cooperative.

Scholarship Eligibility:

Applicants of the ATD Maryland Diamond Fellowship must be an active member of the ATD Maryland chapter by participating in three of the nine following categories:

1.     Attended nine of the monthly events from January, 2016-January, 2017.

2.     Actively lead/co-lead SIGs (Special Interest Group) within the ATD Maryland chapter for at least 6 months.

3.     Volunteered and excelled at volunteer positions such as event check in, etc. for 6 months from January, 2016-January, 2017.

4.     Be an ATD Power Member.

5.     Organized and hosted ATD Maryland Chapter an additional event other than the events scheduled the second Thursday of every month.

6.     Purposed, organized, and executed an alternative innovative idea, process, or program, etc. that adds value to the ATD Maryland Chapter from January, 2016-January, 2017.

7.     Worked for and have organizational membership attendance privileges for the company that has an uninterrupted active organizational membership with the ATD Maryland Chapter and attended at least three ATD Maryland events from January, 2016-January, 2017.

8.     Referred another company that joined with an ATD Maryland organizational membership.

9.     Referred five friends/colleagues that joined the ATD Maryland Chapter from January, 2016-January, 2017.

Scholarship Criteria and Application Process:

      This is an annual scholarship and one must reapply each year.

      Submit all documents to by the August 1, 2016 application deadline.

      Provide applicable documentation of registration and also official acceptance or a bill in a CPLP certification, class, program, or professional conference registration that relates directly to the ATD competency model (official completion, attendance, or attendance will also be required once concluded)

      Submit $500 ATD Maryland Diamond Fellowship application.

      Submit a current copy of your Resume or Curriculum Vitae.

      Have two educational or professional references submit letters of recommendation on letterhead to

      Submit essay of no less than 500 words demonstrating your commitment in the following areas:

    The three or more categories that make you eligible for the fellowship within the Maryland ATD Chapter

    How you plan to utilize the fellowship

    Optional content that you may want to include:

      How you have previously or how you plan to utilize the fellowship regarding the ATD competency model

      How has your involvement with the Association for Talent Development enriched you, made a difference in your career, and allowed you to reciprocate your knowledge to others?

      Other relevant contributions or pertinent information such as, but not limited to, mentoring, community related, etc.

Fellowship Announcements and Recognition:

      Winner will be announced at the following year ATD Maryland Chapter January Kickoff event.

      ATD Maryland Chapter January, 2017 email newsletter will highlight the winner, a brief biography, their commitment as an active ATD Maryland chapter member, accomplishments, and how they will utilize the scholarship.

      Recognition on our website with a photograph, brief biography, their commitment as an active ATD Maryland chapter member, accomplishments, and how they will utilize the scholarship.

Fellowship Funding:

      We ask that you provide proof of completion of class, conference, certification, that you stated during the application process and/or essay

      Payment address for the issuance of the award must match that on the application

      You must utilize the scholarship within the year of award or it will be subject to forfeit

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